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Long story short

After decades of incremental innovation, the pace of change accelerates. New entrants can disrupt established industries with little investment and a team of motivated, geeky developers and other geniuses.
Large companies struggle to adapt to this continuous innovation, as their organizations, culture and capabilities are not designed to change tack so fast and put the user at the center of the business.
We believe that this change is only going to accelerate, even more as the most populous, fast-growing region of the world enter the world stage. Asia is the laboratory of the world, where new trends, tech and behaviour shape the way business is done.
We built Innovation is Everywhere as a guide in this uncertain and volatile world. Our continuous exploration of innovation hotspot, our network of top VCs, entrepreneurs, top execs and our readings help us to zoom out and assist you on what makes more sense for your business.
We operate through the APAC region and France, with headquarters in Singapore and in Paris.

Our Team

Mathieu Hamel
CEO of Innovation Is Everywhere

Martin Pasquier 
Managing Director, Senior Consultant

Thibaud Dubois

Céline Delacharlerie
Head of Marketing, Senior Project Manager

Rachel Tan
Consultant, Project Manager

Ludivine Perrin
Artistic Director

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