Author: Celine Delacharlerie

Why is “live shopping” a hit in China?

“Live shopping”, a new generation of tele-shopping, has found spectacular success in China for almost a year. As Chinese consumers grow ever fonder of live streaming, brands and retailers have quickly understood the potential of this new communication channel. E-commerce is steadily invading these videos, regardless of whether it is via a fashion show or internet celebrities reviewing the latest cosmetic products via video; enabling Internet users to buy what they see on the screen in real time. Live streaming is gaining popularity in the West too, thanks to Facebook Live. In China, the live-streaming craze has been around...

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Payment is the heart of the growth strategy for Asian tech giants

Most Asian unicorns, whether they are messaging apps, e-commerce platforms, gaming platforms or transport apps, are entering Fintech by tackling the lucrative mobile payment market, hoping to benefit from a major advantage: a large base of loyal users. Asian unicorns, often backed by venture capital, know that the integration of a payment system is the key to achieving profitability. Their role models Alibaba and WeChat, the Chinese e-commerce and messaging platforms, have become the two most powerful companies in China thanks to their transformation strategy into service platforms revolving around their respective payment systems AliPay and WeChat Pay. WeChat...

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Industry 4.0 : Asia as the Factory of the Future

Asia is recognized as the manufacturing hub of the world.  Many Western corporations have migrated their manufacturing activities to China and other Asian countries to lower their labor cost. Asia could therefore be a strong driving force for the Industrial IoT market (IIoT) which some are calling the Industry 4.0 revolution. Countries such as Singapore and China are embracing these connected devices. Bringing the potential of automation, these devices could increase productivity, reduce waste and subsequently deliver better products or services. The IIoT market is set to reach US$319.62 billion with a 8.15% growth rate from 2014 to 2020. Industry 4.0 : China...

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Asia-Pacific is paving the way for Smart Cities

Imagine driving in a clean city, free from pollution, where you are never stuck in traffic jams, where you are confident to arrive on time. All this and much more is what promises the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform our cities into Smart Cities. Those cities of tomorrow aim at achieving 3 things; sustainability, efficiency, and livability. By 2050, 75% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. For cities to continue to be centers of economic growth, there have many challenges to face and the IoT is carrying many solutions. Asia-Pacific is the region accounting for the largest share of spending in IoT....

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How to Leverage on the Huge Pool of Software Talents in India?

The software products industry has grown significantly in India over the last decade. This was due to the increase in availability of mobile phones, the ease of adoption of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and the increased collaboration fostered by social media. Still, India has not produced a global tech powerhouse yet. Japan had electronics giant Sony twenty years ago. Similarly, when one mentions Korea or China, he or she thinks of Samsung or Xiaomi.  But we’re still waiting for an Indian tech company to conquer the world. India is well-known all over the world for its pool of software engineers.  The...

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