Author: Clément Costanza

[INTERVIEW] Change Bank wants finance to evolve and fintech aggregation is part of its plan

With the multiplication of Fintech startups, people have endless possibilities to pay, save, invest, exchange, transfer money etc. And always with greater efficiency and lower costs than traditional financial services.  But that’s precisely the multiplication of Fintech services that creates a new problem Change Bank is trying to solve. Change Bank is a cryptocurrency wallet which aggregates decentralized financial services.  The startup has raised US$17.5M with an ICO in November.  We’ve interviewed Kristjan Kangro, CEO and co-founder of Change Bank during the Millennial 2020 conference.   IEV: Can you tell us more about Change Bank? Change Bank represents the change in the...

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[INTERVIEW] Discover how Policypal, the first graduate from the “Sandbox” in Singapore, is disrupting insurance

Insurtech,  poised to disrupt the insurance industry, was one of the hot topics in corporate innovation in 2017. One startup from Singapore has been in the spotlight after graduating from the Singaporean regulatory sandbox : PolicyPal, an online platform for people to organize and understand their insurance policies, all in one place. The startup powered by artificial intelligence provides a gap analysis and helps its clients to know how to be better covered and to compare and buy insurances.  PolicyPal works hand in hand with many insurance providers and just got a license to sell their own insurances as well.  During...

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The Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are token sales and have great similarities with Initial Public Offerings (IPO) for listed companies, except that ICOs are not subject to the same regulations as securities everywhere on the globe. Cryptocurrency ventures will issue a certain percentage of the tokens that represent the value of the underlying assets, accepting either virtual or fiat currencies for funding. ICOs have already helped companies raise almost US$ 4 billion this year. While investing in ICOs can be extremely profitable, if we take the example of the Ethereum blockchain, for example, they are also pretty technically scary, volatile...

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Urban mobility: a tale of Ofo, Mobike, and deep investor pockets

Ofo is a leader in station-free bikes from China. Users can get a passcode directly from the app to unlock the bike, ride wherever they’re headed and lock the bike again. Now present in China, USA, UK and Singapore, the Chinese startup has recently announced a US$700m Series E funding led by Alibaba to extend its reach to 20 countries by deploying 20 million bikes by the end of the year. But there is something beyond the will of the Chinese giant to participate in a green revolution, made possible by concepts such as station-free bikes, that aim to...

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Fintech for financial inclusion: a 2 billion people market to tap in

From 13th to 17th of November, Singapore was thrown under the spotlight as the city-state hosted its second Fintech Festival. Bringing more than 7,000 people in 2016, this year’s edition has brought more than 25,000 people to the EXPO Convention Center in Singapore. Corporates, startups, experts, regulators and investors were invited to share and build the future of finance and technology. Many topics were covered during the week, ranging from the blockchain opportunity to financial inclusion and open-banking. We have spent our week roaming around the festival, meeting startups and attending conferences to paint the most recent picture of...

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