Author: Jonathan Quah

How Adobe Drives Employee Engagement Towards Customer Centricity

In 2012, Adobe was making headlines. The company was undergoing a revolution in its performance management system while introducing a subscription-based service for their customers.   Our team interviewed Sarah Dunn, Head of People Resources, Asia Pacific at Adobe to share on this change in the organization. She explains how it has encouraged employees to pursue innovation and design a greater customer experience. Adopting Informal Check-In Sessions within Adobe Adobe has adopted a new system of informal and real time conversations called ‘check-ins’. “The company was transforming faster than ever; our people were asking for change and we had to keep up....

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Empowering FMCG Companies and Kirana Stores : Indian startup Snapbizz Gives Real Time Insights on Customers Behaviour

As a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company in emerging economies such as India, one faces two key problems. The first problem is product visibility. In India, small retail stores (often referred to as kirana stores) are concerned about how their products are shown to and thus perceived by customers. This is important for an FMCG company since 90% of the retail market is captured by kirana stores. The second problem is obtaining accurate product information in these kirana stores. In particular, having a constant stream of information on how products are performing in the stores real-time will allow these FMCG...

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Chatbots and Insurance : Interview with the startup SPIXII

Chatbots are taking on a greater role in lives today. From Facebook Messenger to Tencent’s LINE, tech experts have mentioned it as one of the top user experience trends of 2017. Introduction on Chatbots A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation. While being mainly designed to communicate with an actual human being, people are developing applications that allow for bots to communicate with each other. Many of these bots are programmed to achieve a specific purpose and consequently do not have many other functionalities. The prominent use of chatbots are in e-commerce customer services, Internet gaming...

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Recalibrating travel accommodation in India: Insights from OYO COO Abhinav Sinha

The problem in finding accommodation as a traveller in India is simple – the lack of predictability. Although many choices are available, there are often reports of standalone hotels providing substandard hospitality services when guests arrive at their doorstep. Think dilapidated buildings, leaking taps and shower heads, malfunctioning air conditioning, unavailability of card payment methods – the list goes on. Founder Ritesh Agarwal hence envisions OYO as a solution to this issue. OYO hotels provide a timely and quality stay with services such as free Wi-Fi and breakfast, a flat-screen TV, branded toiletries and a fully functional restroom with...

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How companies can stay relevant for the Millennial consumer? Insights from Millennial 2020

This article will serve to illustrate the key insights from Millennial 2020 in Singapore which will serve as guides for corporations navigating the unfamiliar terrain engendered by the Millennial consumer. The Millennial 2020 Summit in Singapore was held from the 7th to 8th of September at the Art Science Museum. It was an event that brought together over 1,500 global corporate and start-ups to deliberate about the modern sophisticated and technologically-savvy Millennial consumer – one born in the years 1980 to 2000 who will inevitably revolutionize the ways in which brands and consumers interact in the marketplace. More than...

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