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Argentina Startup Scene

Argentina Startup Scene is a funny story. It has been the innovation hub of Latin America for a decade despite a strong economic crisis that still has consequences as we’re speaking. Today, the competition for being Latin America’s most attractive tech scene is growing, even nearby, in Chile. But Argentina could remain the central hub of Latin America thanks to a whole network of talents and investors, created around the success of some tech companies in the early 2000’s, notabily MercadoLibre, and Globant, a software development firm which successfully launched an IPO in the NYSE. The old startup...

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BitCoin Argentina, exploring alternatives to a broken monetary system

Bitcoin and the crisis In Argentina, there seems to be a correlation between innovation and economic crisis. Although the country is used to face severe economic breakdowns, it has been the innovation hub of the whole continent for a decade, before countries such as Chile or Colombia became interested in becoming one as well. Companies such as Mercado Libre, and Globant are some of the largest tech companies in Latin America. And they all started in Argentina in the 2000’s, while the country was slowly recovering from a financial crisis that put half the population under the poverty...

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Nxtp Labs, Latin America’s leading private accelerator

“Nxtp Labs shows the strength of the tech ecosystem in Latin America“. It is the busiest private accelerating program in the region, and probably the most prestigious one to be accelerated in. Founded in 2011, it settled first at Buenos Aires. It now has offices in most of Latin America’s tech hubs: Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and even Uruguay. A seed fund, an accelerator, and a regional leader Nxtp’s acceleration program is rather complete: cash, mentoring and networking. Joining the acceleration gives access to a network of great quality, a whole team of renowned serial entrepreneurs, IT leaders, Business...

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Startup Weekend Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina has been the most prolific tech hub in Latin America for the last 20 years. Actually, most of the largest tech companies of Latin America are from Argentina. In the early 2000’s, the 10 top tech companies were all Argentinians. Even lately, 4 of them are still argentinian according to Martin Vivás, facilitator at StartUp Weekend Argentina.   A thriving startup hub struck by recurrent economic crisis Although the country is regularly facing significant economic troubles, a pool of entrepreneurs made its way through all the economic breakdown of the late 1990’s/early 2000’s and since. They attracted talent,...

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Uruguay Startup Scene

Uruguay’s nickname is the “Switzerland of Latin America”. It is indeed well known for being a financial tradeplace, as well as the safiest and less-corrupted country of all Latin America (together with Chile). A stable democracy, with a philosophy of financial deregulation, a culture of financial secrecy, which is friendly to foreign investors, lacks of foreign exchange controls, has no limits on fund transfers and profit remittance, and registers a lower crime rate than many Western European countries! The government policy is too watch after the investments and the intelectual property. Unlike its giant neighbors Brazil and Argentina, it’s...

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