Author: Rachel Tan

Singapore’s “Disrupt Yourself First” Strategy for Fintech Innovation

Fintech (short for ‘financial technology’) has seen massive growth in Singapore, rising from just 18 fintech startups in 2015 to more than 300 today. That’s an increase of over 1600% over the last two years! Hence, it is no surprise that Singapore is currently leading the fintech wave in Southeast Asia; which coincides well with the city-state’s Smart Nation goals to create a society empowered by technological developments. Current circumstances are also well-suited for growing Singapore’s fintech potential. Singapore serves as the Asian headquarters for a variety of financial institutions, enabling it to host over 200 banks with total assets...

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Asia’s Usage of Blockchain and Bitcoin: Insights from Vijay Ayyar, Head of Business Development at BitX

We had an interview with Vijay Ayyar, Head of Business Development at BitX, to explore how Asia is leveraging on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. BitX is a universal Bitcoin platform that provides highly secure mobile wallets, institutional quality exchanges, and various APIs for merchant and other business integration. The company started out building Bitcoin and blockchain systems for financial institutions, and was an early player in developing a fully-integrated Bitcoin system for a major multi-national bank. Q: How do current players in banking / payment leverage blockchain technology in Asia? Do you have examples of existing blockchain projects by...

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DTAC Accelerate is strengthening the Thai startup ecosystem

Growing startups has grown as a big topic this year in Thailand when the Thai government announced a new US$570 venture fund in April to fund and grow local startups to number 10,000 by 2018. But before these developments, DTAC Accelerate was already on the scene investing and incubating startups. Created in 2013, the program recently doubled its investment and incubation budget to Bt100 million (US$2.9m) from between Bt50 million and Bt60 million (US$1.5m-US$1.8m) in 2015. 11 startups have gone through the program from 2013-2015 with 70% of the 11 startups, raising funds from overseas surpassing Bt 175 million...

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Latest innovations in Asia for financial inclusion of the Bottom of Pyramid

According to World Bank data, 2 billion of the world’s population lack access to formal financial services, with 95% proportion of developing countries. Financial inclusion seeks to involve these people in the economic and social system to ensure stability and thus promote human development goals. With a good mix of public institutions, corporations and startups, the Financial Inclusion Summit Asia 2016, rebranded Seamless, gave an overview of the emerging trends that are meant to encourage inclusive growth in the financial industry and help the unbanked and under-banked communities, especially in developing countries.   Social media and messaging apps to...

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Why there was a surge to launch an event about Millennials?

We’ve interviewed Rupa Ganatra, Co-Founder of the first edition of the Millennial 20/20 Summit to understand why there was a surge to launch an event about Millenials. The event will take place at the iconic Art Science Museum in Singapore  on 7th and 8th of September! Meet us there! IEV: Was there a particular event or instance that caused the ‘lightbulb’ moment to launch the Millennial 20/20 event? When I left the investment banking industry and began investing in companies several years ago, it became increasingly apparent that the consumer was drastically changing at a faster pace than ever before. The...

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