Author: Rachel Tan

FoodTech’s 2 Key Impacts in Asia-Pacific

FoodTech and AgriTech startups were the key focus of the Future Food Asia Award 2017, offering an opportunity to look into the developing challenges towards the sustainable production of food in Asia as well as globally. Launched by ID Capital, and supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board and American food processing and commodities corporation Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), the event brought together a community of investors, large corporates, governments, academics and entrepreneurs. Food security is a pressing issue for Asia-Pacific with estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations suggesting that Asia-Pacific will...

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Future Food Asia 2017 : Join us to see game-changing AgriTech & FoodTech startups!

Food security is a key issue in today’s world, especially in Asia, where there’s an expected boom in the middle class, changing consumer patterns as well as increasing scarcity of arable land due to climate change. Future Food Asia is one of the emerging players in innovation for technological developments in agriculture as well as food and launched a startup competition in November 2016 to place itself at the centre of these developments. It is offering a US$100,000 grant for the startup making an significant impact in the food value chain. The competition saw startups from 19 different countries applying and on...

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The Bitcoin Opportunity in Asia [Infographic]

So far, Bitcoin has primarily been used in investment and trading in countries such as China, Japan and South Korea. But the promise of the digital currency is most seen in the developing workd.  Indeed, there are huge opportunities to disrupt the remittance market in countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The remittances market is a $ 600 billion opportunity and is riddled with inefficiencies. Cross-border Payments : Bitcoin’s Opportunity Cross-border payments with Bitcoin are also being considered in the trials and experiments by banks and other financial institutions. e-Commerce has been rising in popularity across Asia but has...

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How Do Corporations Deal With Blockchain Opportunities in Asia? [Infographic]

One of the innovation buzzwords in recent years is the blockchain. This technology permeates the underlying workings of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But it holds huge potential outside of the payment sector and may even revolutionize the way the world economy works. How do corporations leverage on blockchain in Asia today? How big is the blockchain ecosystem in Asia? A key point to note is that most financial institutions in Asia are still in experimentation phases with blockchain technology.  Every major bank in the region has, at the very least, a research team studiying blockchain technology. Before 2015, most major investments were concentrated in Bitcoin-related enterprises such...

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Singapore’s “Disrupt Yourself First” Strategy for Fintech Innovation

Fintech (short for ‘financial technology’) has seen massive growth in Singapore, rising from just 18 fintech startups in 2015 to more than 300 today. That’s an increase of over 1600% over the last two years! Hence, it is no surprise that Singapore is currently leading the fintech wave in Southeast Asia; which coincides well with the city-state’s Smart Nation goals to create a society empowered by technological developments. Current circumstances are also well-suited for growing Singapore’s fintech potential. Singapore serves as the Asian headquarters for a variety of financial institutions, enabling it to host over 200 banks with total assets...

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