Innovation is Everywhere Malaysia startup tech ecosystem

How is managed the Malaysia startup ecosystem? What are the specifics of this 30m people country located between Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand? Can a resource-based country turn its population into entrepreneurs and innovators?

Following our trip at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2013, we compiled data from people we met, startups we talked to, and data found here and there to draw a bigger picture of Malaysia as a startup hub.

In this report you will:

  • Travel back in time to learn when Malaysia kickstarted its innovation strategy. Teaser: they had high-speed internet and a Silicon Valley of their own way before most Western countries did
  • Social & Cultural feats of Malaysia: Air Asia, Jimmy Choo are two homegrown success stories, but is it enough to draw more people to create companies?
  • Pros & Cons of Malaysia as a tech scene: a good infrastructure, but a recurring issue with the management of diversity