1) Startup Profile

Startup Profile PayrollHero clock in and out every day by taking selfie facial recognition track time attendance



The Philippines startup PayrollHero has transformed the painful and unreliable HR management systems into an exciting and accurate consumer-friendly HR platform for web and mobile.

What ?

PayrollHero Mobile App & Web platform clock in selfie employees management HR human resources system

PayrollHero Mobile App & Web platform


  • Clock in and out every day by taking a selfie
  • Facial recognition ensure the right person is there at the right time
  • Track time, attendance, scheduling and analytics in your business with one simple system


Date created: September 2012

Team: 23 Full-time staff

Funding: $1 million seed round from 500Startups, LX Ventures, Futura, and others

Users: Businesses (restaurants, retail, offices…)

Markets: Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Canada, US

Website: http://payrollhero.com/

Achievements: thousands of employees clocking in and out on the platform every day


2) Startup Analysis: Payroll Hero

startup analysis sourcing payrollhero digital transformation

Innovative level: 4/5

Michael Stephensen, co-founder of PayrollHero arrived in Manila in 2008 to setup a back-office for the 150 employees of his last software company (sold 2014, now public on ASX). That’s how he realized there was no accurate cloud based payroll system on the market that worked for the Philippines, and created an internal application for his HR Team. They loved it so much that other companies got to know about the app and started asking to use it as well! What started as an internal solution for their team has evolved into a standalone platform for web and mobile in 2012. “Our competitors range from other startups and traditional software solutions to outsourced payroll providers and all the way to Excel. Many of our clients have come off of either a very manual solution or a tool that they have outgrown.

Funding : 2/5

PayrollHero raised a $1 million seed round from 500Startups, LX Ventures, Futura, and others in February 2013, and “should have a new funding announcement soon” according to the other co-founder of the startup, Stephen Jagger.

Teams expertise: 4/5

The Canadian co-founders, Michael Stephensen and Stephen Jagger, have created cloud based SaaS solutions since 2000.

Track record : 2/5

The startup has thousands of employees clocking in and out on the platform every day. “As for customers, we focus on the restaurant and retail sectors with Nespresso, The New Black and Munch SaladSmith as a few of our clients” says Stephen.

Scalability: 3/5

Every new customer must go through an onboarding process of about 60 days depending on the size of the client and their requirements. PayrollHero offers 3 certification courses to get the most value possible out of their solution.

PayrollHero team startup employees management system clock in selfie

PayrollHero team