Should you attend Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & ExhibitionBasic info about Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition

  • Held in Philippines and on the 28th-30th 2015 with an estimate of 15,000 in attendance.
  • The cost of attending this event is $1,100.
  • The event’s objectives are two-pronged: to discover new approaches to the latest issues facing the region’s retailers and highlight innovative solutions that can help retailers differentiate themselves from competitors, to deliver greater value to consumers in Asia and Pacific region.
  • Topics that were covered are Travel Retail, Innovation in Retail, eCommerce, Business Development, Omni-channel Retailing.

Our experience with Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition

  • Retail brands, tech companies and government are among those who attended this event.
  • Past speakers of this event are Tina Pang who is the Head of Twitter Online Sales, SEA at Twitter (Singapore), Ray Alimurung who is the CEO at aCommerce (Philippines) and Dr. Noor Zari Bin Hamat who is the Director at Ministry Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism (Malaysia).
  • As a biennial event, businesses may benefit from a more comprehensive analysis into the retail environment from a spectrum of businesses and utilise these insights for business development.