Geektime Conference

Important info about Geektime Conference 2015

  • Held in Israel and on the 21st of October 2015
  • The cost of attending this event is US$120.
  • Geektime Conference ’15 is the largest start up conference held in Israel. The conference continues the tradition of tackling the do-or-die issues in the Israeli start up and venture capital scenes, alongside presenting the hottest new start-ups in Israel.
  • Topics that were covered are Fintech, IoT, R&D and Innovation.

Past experiences at Geektime Conference

  • Startup founders, VCs Entrepreneurs and leading brands like Microsoft are the type of attendees to this event.
  • Past speakers to this event are Eden Shochat who is the Entrepreneur & VC Investor and  Yifat Oron  who is the CEO at Leumitech, the hi-tech venture of the Leumi Banking Group

Our opinion of Geektime Conference

  • This event is ideal for corporations who which to learn more about the key issues in the venture capital scene and meet up and coming startups in Israel.