Mosa Conference

Important info about Mosa Conference

  • Held in Taiwan and on the 7th-8th October 2015 with an expected number of 1,600 in attendance.
  • The cost of attending this event is S$220.
  • An event that aims to sustain the momentum for Taiwan’s start up scene by bringing together start-ups, investors and participants from all over the world.
  • Topics that were covered are Growth Hacking, Asian Start-ups, Machine Learning, IoT, Fintech.

Past experiences at Mosa Conference

  • Government, investors, startups and the media are the type of attendees this event has seen.
  • Past Speakers of this event are Juggs Ravalia who is the Vice President at Yandex, Benjamin Joffe  who is the General Partner at HAX and Michelle Sun who is the Co-Founder and CEO at First Code Academy.

Our opinion of Mosa Conference

  • This event is beneficial for businesses exploring opportunities in Asia, especially Taiwan by connecting with key individuals present at the event.