Important info about SLUSH China

  • Held in Beijing and on the 13th of October 2015 with an estimaed number of 1,300 in attendance.
  • The cost of attending this event is Approximately S$150.
  • Slush China aims to bridge China to the world and establish a new ecosystem for entrepreneurship.
  • Topics that were covered are Data Technology, Gaming, New Energy & Cleantech, IoT.

Past experiences at SLUSH China

  • Startups, investors, media are the type of people who attended this event.
  • Past speakers of this event are Ian Yang who is the Corporate VP and President at Intel China, Ethan Yu who is the Vice President at Alibaba and Dan Brody who is the Vice President of Business Development at Tencent

Our opinion of SLUSH China

  • The event provides a great opportunity for businesses to get a look at Chinese and international startups and analyse their capacity for disruption to businesses.