Important info about The IoT 2015

  • Held in Israel and on the 20th of October 2015.
  • Cost of the event is F.O.C but registration required.
  • Highlight the latest trends, products, applications, development, and business opportunities in IoT.
  • Topics that were covered are Developing a product or service for IoT.

Past experiences at The IoT 2015

  • Executives, development, engineering and purchasing people, operation and manufacturing managers and project managers at plants and in various companies for the Hi-tech and Electronic, Academic, Military Personnel, Special Services, amongst many other industries are the type of people who attended this event.
  • Past speaker to this event is Mr. Amir Friedman who is the CEO & Founder, Connect One Ltd.

Our opinion of The IoT 2015

  • This event will provide  opportunities for corporations to learn more about IoT and its applicability to their interests