Better late than sorry, as we say in French. Here’s our report on the the Top startups in Bangladesh and Dhaka, following our attendance at Innovation Xtreme, the first event fully dedicated to the startup scene of this 160m population country of South Asia, neighboring India and Myanmar.

We’ve seen quite a few convincing startups pitching on the stage of the event, and here is our selection of the most promising ones.

Startups in Bangladesh: e-commerce, ticketing and social enterprises

As in many emerging markets, where economic growth and improved telecom infrastructure combine to create tons of opportunities, e-commerce is a hot topic in Bangladesh.

Although only a small part of the country is connected, with 10m internet users, the potential is huge. GrameenPhone, one of the main telecom operators, hopes to connect 50m overall within the next few years.

A few startups also address specific local needs such as Drinkwell, which provides drinking water in rural areas where arsenic has polluted the local supply.

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What’s next for Bangladesh? From branding to impact

It’s really fascinating to see the path that the Bangladesh startup ecosystem is taking over the years:

We’ll be in Dhaka later in April for Digibuzz, a conference designed for marketing, advertising and media industries more than technology and startups. Still, it’s a great addition to create a consistent momentum in the field of innovation.