1Basic info about CEATEC Japan

  • Held in Tokyo and on the 7th-10th October 2015.
  • The cost of attending this event is JPY 1,000

Aims of CEATEC Japan

  • The event aims for the further development of lifestyles, societies, economies and culture through broad use of information communications technology (ICT), and by providing a venue where people can experience the latest technologies, products, systems and software under one roof, the show will help to aim for the growth of IT & electronics industries.
  • Topics that were covered are Safety and Security in the IoT era, Trend Marketing Research via Cloud Computing.

Our experience with CEATEC Japan

  • Established tech hardware companies and tech startups are among those who attended this event.
  • Past speakers for this event are Norio Sasaki who is the Vice Chairman of the Board at Toshiba Corporation, Masami Yamamoto  who is the President and Representative at FUJITSU Limited and Wonbin Hong who is the Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics.
  • This event is more geared towards corporations that explore hardware developments in their digital transformation as the event provides a wide range with which corporations can explore.
    Why you should really attend CEATEC Japan