Basic info about Tokyo Game Show

  • Held in Tokyo and on the 17th-18th of September 2015 with an estimated number of 28,000 in attendance.
  • The cost of attending this show is approximately S$2,600.
  • Tokyo Game Show is the global trade show where a large number of key people in the game market gather from every corner of the world.
  • Topics covered were Gaming Platforms, Globalised Games, VR in Gaming, Mobile Gaming.

Our experience with Tokyo Game Show

  • Indie gaming companies, large gaming companies and the media are among those who attended this event.
  • Past speakers of this event are Haruki Satomi  who is the President, CEO and Representative Director at Sega Networks and Chris Yerga who is the Regional Director, Google Play Asia-Pacific and Engineering Director at Google.
  • This is beneficial for game companies as they may explore the latest developments in the gaming industry from an international perspective as well as pursue opportunities for cooperation internationally.
    Why you should really attend Tokyo Game Show