CES, SXSW and GMIC, do you recognise any of these terms?

If you do not recognise them, do not worry, we’re here to help! These terms are short for some of the best tech conferences worldwide that enable leaders to engage in business transformation.

As we shared previously in our guide to fostering innovation within companies, tech events are one of the best opportunities for leaders to stay on top of emerging trends in their industries.

With consumer-centricity being one of the top priorities today, tech conferences – like the ones we feature in our calendar – offer insights into the latest developments exciting your customer.

Even if these are not your top priority today, you can leverage on the informal settings of the tech conference to network with your peers and discover opportunities to engage experts, customers or vendors for business growth.

Read on to learn more about how our Top 6 events can advance your business goals worldwide!

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1.GMIC Beijing, end April 2018, in Beijing, China

GMIC is a broad event, covering areas such as marketing, fintech, mobile gaming and entertainment. It explores the impacts of these various aspects on businesses and the opportunities that can be leveraged upon to transform traditional business models with a strong showcase on China’s leading edge in emerging technologies and consumer behaviours.

Why you should go : One of the most significant tech events in China, it brings Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent as well as the Western giants together to explore what is disrupting the tech space.

2.Tech in Asia, mid May 2018, in Singapore

Tech in Asia is one of the longest running conferences showcasing the growing tech scene in Southeast Asia. The conference offers opportunities to connect with investors, meet future strategic business partners, and learn about Singapore’s vibrant tech ecosystem. Participants come from all over the world and the conference has since expanded to include sister events in Tokyo and Jakarta to connect the Asia Pacific region.

Why you should go : Businesses stand to benefit from the convergence of tech, investment and government support within the Singapore ecosystem and explore its potential as a springboard to the rest of Asia.

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